The Makeover (WIP)

I wrote this story quite a while ago. Mostly story beats for now, still need to flesh it out more. I want to really polish this as a comedic piece for my portfolio.mak_004_001 mak_004_002 mak_004_003mak_004_004mak_004_005mak_004_006mak_004_007mak_004_008mak_004_009mak_004_010mak_004_011mak_004_012mak_004_013mak_004_014 mak_004_015 mak_004_016
Here are my rough thumbnails, and some concept sketches (with a bonus Spider-Man):

mak_001_rough_001 mak_001_rough_002 mak_001_rough_003 mak_001_rough_004 mak_001_rough_playground