christmas 2017 story beats (pt.1)

So this is my project this year. I’m going to draw my last trip home in a series of story beats. It’ll be a good challenge. I get to tell a story, and learn to draw better in the process.

This is still ongoing, so I’ll be updating along the way.

Here we go!

chr_001_001 chr_001_002 chr_001_003 chr_001_004 chr_001_005 chr_001_006 chr_001_007 chr_001_008 chr_001_009 chr_001_010 chr_001_011 chr_001_012 chr_001_013 chr_001_014 chr_001_015 chr_001_016 chr_001_017 chr_001_018 chr_001_019 chr_001_020 chr_001_021 chr_001_022 chr_001_023 chr_001_024 chr_001_025